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Did You Know? Custom Content
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Welcome to our blog series "Did you know?" Periodically we'll post about functionality that you may or may not know about. Our inaugural "Did you know?" post is dedicated to Custom Content. Verified models and studios have the ability to offer their fans the ability to purchase custom picture sets and videos. For fans, there's nothing better than having the opportunity to be your own director. Everyone wishes they could direct their own adult film or photo shoot and this is your opportunity. To get started, simply navigate to your favorite model or studio's profile page and look for the Request button. If you don't see the Request button it means they're not offering custom content sales at this time. Once you've started you'll need to select picture set or video and use the slider to determine how many photos you want or length of videos. Now it's time to write your script. In the description box let the model or studio know what you want from them. The more information the better, but don't forget to read if the model or studio has a "will not do list". It's important to respect their wishes and not ask to do things they clearly will not do. Once you're done writing the description you can purchase additional extras. Each model and studio provides their own list of extras for sale. 

After you've completed your custom request, simply click the request button to send your request for review and acceptance. The model or studio may have a few follow-up questions or may need clarification about your request. You can go back and forth as many times as needed until the request is perfect on both sides. Once the model or studio accepts your request all you'll need to do is sit back and wait. Once they're finished creating the content and uploaded to the site you'll be notified via email once your custom content is ready for viewing, enjoy!


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Cbm7 Studio
Hi, slitlic, can I ask how much is you budget for each other?
about 1 year ago
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Looking for Amateur facial cumshots videos and pics! If you have this type content and lots of it than feed my facial fetish withinn reason of my budget!
over 1 year ago

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