Model Spotlight - lilredvelvet

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Model Spotlight - lilredvelvet
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Welcome to our new weekly blog post segment, Model Spotlight. Each week we’ll highlight a model on the site through a series of questions and answers. Our first Model Spotlight is lilredvelvet. Enjoy learning about lilredvelvet!

How did you get started in the adult industry?
I started seeing my bf and he is who is in all my media (10.5 inch cock 6" girth) he basically has a dick made for porn and he thought people would love us so we started putting out teasers on reddit and one thing led to another 2 years later I'm a full time cam girl with a premium Snapchat and a bunch of vids under my belt! 

What's your favorite type of content to make?
I love doing customs I like knowing someone couldn't find something online so they come to me. I like how personal it is and it makes it 10x more fun. I really enjoy odd niche requests as well. 

What is your ideal vacation?
Somewhere beautiful lots of hiking jacket weather (I hate sweating) and quiet lots of pretty places to fuck and take in the scenery. 

If you could get any gift for the holidays what would it be?
A new computer right now I'm streaming off of a 2007 Toshiba laptop that barely runs. 

What's your favorite movie and why?
I like the original Star Wars trilogy because of how basically everything is practical effects and the aesthetic is gritty and boxy and amazing. 

If you could direct your own parody adult film what would it be based on, and who would you cast?
Probably Charlies Angels and it’d be me, Lenatheplug, Ayana Delatorre. 

What public place would you most want to have sex?
Honestly nature somewhere almost as stunning as me doggy style.

What's the best piece of advice you've received about the industry?
Be smart. Never tie any personal info with work info.

Name your top 3 favorite movies?
Spirited Away, The Iron Giant, any Tom Hanks movie. 

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