First 10 Things To Do After Creating Profile - Models and Studios

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First 10 Things To Do After Creating Profile - Models and Studios
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After signing up and creating an account, we suggest you complete the following 10 things...

1. Verify your profile
If you want to sell content, offer subscription services and custom content requests you'll need to verify your profile. You'll know your profile is verified if you have a blue checkmark next to your profile image on your profile page. If you don't have a blue checkmark click the "verify" button under your profile pic.

2. Add a profile pic
If you haven't already, take a minute to add a profile picture.

3. Update your profile URL
Your profile URL looks something like this You'll want to update your username so it appears as To update your URL go to your profile and click the "Edit" button, on the General tab update your "Username" and save.

4. Link your profile to Twitter
Linking your Sidedaddy profile to your Twitter profile will allow you to take advantage of all our auto-marketing features. To link your profiles do the following; click the "Edit" button on your sidedaddy profile page, on the General tab scroll down to the button and click the "Assign Twitter" link.

5. Select a payout method
Depending on where you live, there are multiple payout options. To select your payout method select "My Earnings" from the drop down menu. Once you've navigated to your Earnings page select the "Edit" button and select your payout method.

6. Offer your fans the ability to purchase custom content
If you would like to offer your fans the ability to request custom picture sets and videos you'll need to activate Request Content on your Edit Profile page. From the Request Content tab enter a per picture and per minute price and complete the rest of the information, and click save. Your fans will be able to purchase content from you by clicking the "Request" button on your profile page.

7. Create a Tribute message
When a fan clicks on the Tribute button on your profile page they'll see a message and a place to enter a tribute amount. You have the ability to customize the message your fan sees. To customize the message, on your profile page click "Edit" and then select the "Tribute" tab. Enter the message your fans will see and save.

8. Setup subscription service (optional)
If you want to offer your fans the ability to buy a subscription to your profile you'll need to active the subscription functionality. Click the "Edit" button on your profile page and select "Subscription" on the left menu. Active the functionality and then enter your subscription price points and click save. A subscription button will appear on your profile page.

9. Tell your fans a little bit about yourself
Tell your fans about yourself by completing your bio and adding your vitals.

10. Upload photos and videos
Your profile page is looking a little bare. Start uploading photos, picsets and videos. The more the merrier.

Once you've finished getting setup, the last thing to do is tell all your fans about your shiny new profile!


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